Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kashi Khanda

The Trinity -Ganges , Shiva and Kashi stand mute spectators to a tradition forgotten by many , but not by the following people who are doing their bit to protect the traditions of the great Hindu faith and an amazing city :

  • The Young priests who every evening unfailingly do the Ganga Arti at Rajendra Prasad Ghat

  • The poor Bramhin who has devoted his life to the service of Shiva

  • The sentry in front of Vizzy's once palatial mansion , whose wrinkles tell us that he continues to fight the failed attempts of urbanization of the city

  • The gallis that are home to the Sastry's who came years ago from Andhra and lead by one Gopinath Sastry still run institutions which evangelise the scriptures

  • The beggar who dresses up like Shiva and chants "Bom Bhole" to attract the foreigners for alms

  • The generations of waiters at Baba Thandai who has been serving thandai and bhang for more than a century now

  • The children of the gallis , who have no place to play , so they make the ghats their playground and swim in the Ganges for entertainment

  • The sadhus at Dasasamedh , Ashi , Manikarnika et al , who smoke the ganja ......

Go visit Benares and experience your roots , I have done it , why dont you !!


~Nayan~ said...

Great post :)
Your post reminds me of Satyajit Ray's Apur Shongshaar :)

Shreyasi Deb said...

beautiful....waiting for more writings and photographs!

Ritwik Banerjee said...

Just as Nayan says, this did remind me of Apur Samsaar. I have never been to Varanasi, and I have alway wanted to go. I hope I will this winter. I wish it happens.

From the various stories that I have heard, this city is a representation of my tradition, of my nation. I enjoyed your post, and will be back for more.

Niladri said...

Hi Ritwick

Good that you liked the post , and yes Kashi is an amazing place to be , go there and write about it