Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Radical Islam now reflected in Sports

I am a bit late writing this post , but nevertheless thought that the topic was too important to let it pass . All of us are well aware of the ridiculous comments that the losing Pakistani captain Shoaib Malik made in the post match press conference of the T20 finals at South Africa . His comments attracted some attention of the media , who in no uncertain terms denounced Malik's comments of support to the Pakistani side by all the Muslims of the world . His comments had some responses of sections of Indian Muslims who felt offended by Malik's remarks and for once seem to reject the concept of universal Islamic brotherhood . However Malik's comments need to be understood in a wider context . Today people like Malik unfortunately represent a larger radicalization of civic society in the sub-continent .

Pakistani society has undergone rapid Islamisation in recent years. Malik's comments were well thought through and was intended to assuage feelings of the ultra conservative galleries back home and telling them that though they had lost the finals, they were still good believing Muslims. The need for such public affirmation of faith is a trend which links to the rapid increase in the ranks of "24-hour Muslims" in Pakistan. I have been watching Pakistani cricket from the late seventees and never before has there been a need of players like Imran,Zaheer , Rameez etc to reiterate their religiosity because that constituency wasn't big enough then. Ultra conservative Muslims were still a insignificant portion of the civic society . Malik's comments prove that things have changed and changed very rapidly ......I am sure there has been a deep radicalization of Pakistani society for Malik to make the kind of comment that he did

The Islamization of the Pakistani team was lead by Inzamam ul Haque . Inzy made it a point to thank Allah after every match and his poor command of English was masqueraded by a few common sentences which he parroted out and which invariably used words like "Bismillah" , 'Insallah" and phrases like "By the grace of Almighty Allah..." and so on . Inzy was seen lead his men to great success (not on the playing field ..) to prayer meetings , ...this could have lead to the conversion of Yosuf Yohanna to Islam and the new look Mohd Yusuf sported a Maluvi beard to show his allegience to his newly adopted relegion. In Inzamam's team, where the captain was seen as a religious talisman, Shoaib Malik was part of the group which had joined the Tablighi Jamaat, a sect that preaches a bare-boned, conservative version of global Islam.

Sportsmen and cricket teams are resonable microcausms of the larger civic society and public affirmation of faith by the Pakistani team shows that ultra conservatives have taken over Pakistan . While this is indeed an internal issue , the implications on India which has more Muslims than Pakistan and also coupled by the fact that educated Indian Muslims are now participating in international terrorism (ex-Bangalore doctors case) is non trivial . Its high time that the UPA stop designing sop schemes to woo the Muslims anticipating a mid term poll and do some concerete work in defanging the threat of radical Islam in our own doorstep


Guruprasad said...

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Mairab Syal said...

Hey! What point are you really trying to make in this blog post? Are you trying to get noticed by speaking against Islam which most of the people seem to be doing these days? Fine religion should not be mixed with sports or politics but does it mean that Muslims who are used to saying words like 'Inshallah', 'Mashaallah', 'Bismillah' should stop saying these? Do you and millions others practising your religion not say 'Oh, bhagwan'in pain. Do you not say words like 'Thank God' when you come out of some big problem? First you spoke about Islamization of Pakistan and then attack Muslims of India. Excuse me sir what do you mean by Muslims in India are actively participating in terrorism? Are Maoists, Naxalites, LTTE memebers Muslims? It is people like you who keep blaming Muslims for deeds that they have not done. Moreover, do thorough research before writing something for Islam never preaches terrorism, it's the people who are misusing the name of Islam for power and politics. What do you have to say about people involved in Godhra episode and Narendra Modi?Do these not look like terrorists to you?One suggestion for you look at what your own people have done to others then sling mud at others!

Prashant Singh said...

Wow...Mairab...that was something...but why should a post rile you up so much i wonder??point conceded that islam doesnot preach violence...but then as you rightly said the key word is RESEARCH...some thing on the line that Hey! the proponents of Islam after the death of the Prophet hunted down all the living members of his family no matter where they ran...twisted his teachings to further their own private agenda...gave rise to different sects...each trying to hit the bottom in terms of interpretation of the holy book...and any case Mr.Roy was penning his thoughts on a topic which is of graver concern to Muslims like you and others who understand the teachings of Islam in its truest me none of us are really interested in what followers of islam do...only what do we do when the radical changes in your religion is adversely affecting our existence on this want us to keep quiet and take a bullet up where the sun dont shine?? and any ways why sould we put the blame on you when the biggest enemies of Hindus are hindus it any politician or even our so called religious please take the post in the spirit in which it was posted by the author...and next time dont forget we are guests when we visit some one's house/blogsite/webpage...and we lose nothing if we stay civil in our relies and responses...have a nice day.